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“How-To Develop The Powers of Your Mind,
 The Dark Side
Of Psychic (ESP) Skills Training!

The Techniques Jose Silva Never Wanted Released!
The Lost Secrets of the Telepathic Dream Invader!

Dear Friend,

Look. I used to be a Psychic Mind-Control Trainer™ for a world famous Huna organization.

Psychic Mind-Control™ is a method of Mental Training used to develop psychic skills like telepathy, distant energy healing, intuition, and psychic influence. The man I studied with over 30 years ago was very religious and we did disagree on certain aspects of REAL Psychic Skills Training.

And that was okay with me. I wanted his steps to training the unconscious mind, and not his beliefs about sex, happiness, and heaven.

Before I trained with him I had had psychic experiences. I had seen auras. I had felt and directed energy. I had accurate dreams of things that were going to happen in my life.

I had also studied people like Mesmer, Wolf Messing, Rasputin, Ingo Swann, Olga Worrall, Dr.Targ and Dr. Putoff, Dr Elmer Green, Dr. William Tiller, and many, many, many others that knew that there was a Dark Side To Psychic Skills.

I also know most guys refuse to believe such Powers of the Mind Exist. To me, those guys just are not facing reality.

It’s a fact that your thoughts, your body’s energies, and your emotional fields can be influenced by another without you knowing about it.

And it’s happening all the time.

Let me give you an example.

Just because you believe something ain’t so, doesn't’t mean it’s true!

I do love the martial arts. And there are many different types of martial arts. A few years back I met a man by the name of Mike Echanis. He was ex-Special Forces, had served in Viet Nam, and then been wounded. He was into covert interdiction, which is another name for “sentry removal” with a knife. So we did knife fight a bit. And I thought I was well trained. I held a 5th Dan in TaeKwon-Do, a 2nd Dan in Shoto-kan karate, a 3rd Dan in Kenpo Karate, a 1st Dan in Okazaki jiu-jitsu, a 1st Dan in Kano Judo. And I thought I was tough. I thought I could defend against a knife. I believed it with all my heart.

I Was Wrong!

After 2 minutes with Mike and his Gerber Mark II fighting knife, I knew I was wrong. To get good at knife defense I first had to realize that all the training in knife defense is as worthless as Tits on a bore.

I learned right away that if you can’t USE A KNIFE to fight with, you can NOT defend against one. PERIOD!

It’s exactly the same thing with Energy Attacks, and Psychic Attacks, and Accidental Emotional Attacks. If THEY know what they are doing, and you don’t, you do not stand a chance.

People can and do screw with us psychically all the time.

The flip side of healing prayer, Psychic Attack, has been explored. And the research proves that unintentional harm can be caused another with our thoughts, with our prayers and with our wishes.

It has been proven in a brilliant, scholarly and absolutely daunting, urgent and clear way that many people do not take responsibility for their negative and hurtful thoughts, wishes and prayers for one another.

It has been confirmed with both clinical cases and controlled scientific studies that thoughts have the power to manipulate the world in unexpected ways.

You ARE being psychically influenced by others without your knowledge!

Guys and gals, just a side note here.

Did you know that our government (and other governments) has been studying “psychic influence” with their Black Ops Division since 1971? Did you know that Russian researchers had scientifically validated “remote Psychic Influence” as early as 1931? Did you know that Hitler used the secondary principles of metaphysics for “Mass Mind-Control Influence” purposes?

So I decided to research it, study it, experiment with it, and learn how to do it.

And I went to the best trainers in the Mind Sciences to learn those skills. Then, standing on their shoulders I went my own way, developing my own skills in a way that fit what I wanted to learn and do.
Just as I expect you to take these Telepathic Dream Invader™ technologies and use them in a way that fits you!

In 1998 I developed a set of Psychic Skills Training™ that I trademarked “The Kahuna ESP Mind Training™”, and I was awarded a diploma of achievement for that Powers of the Mind study course by the President of the World Huna Association.

Let me move forward a bit.

In 2006 I was going to retire.

And I wanted to retire with a “BANG!”

So I developed for my retirement the BEST course on Psychic Skills Mind Influence Training™ that I could imagine, formulate and plan.

That course was built from over 45 years of training in ESP, NLP, Remote Influence, Practical Energy Influence, Energy Medicine, Mind-Control Tactics, long distant Energy Disruption Techniques, telepathic experiments, blab, blab, blab.

It became the most street practical Psychic Skills course on the planet called the “Kahuna Secrets of The Telepathic Dream Invader™”.

I did limit the attendees to that class to 30 people.

And I screened all applicants. They needed a minimum score of 200 to be allowed into that class.

Then I warned them:

WARNING! If you like hurting people…or are just
Sadistic…or just like pushing people around…or
Are mentally ill, or emotionally disturbed…

…then don’t bother reading further. These Secrets of the Telepathic Dream Invader™ are not for you.

…if you’re looking for a magic pill to fix
all the problems in your life, or you can’t
follow instructions, or don’t listen to advice…

…then this course is not going to work for you either. The Telepathic Dream Invader™ is not a Psychic Tool to be abused or misused.

…if you’re the least bit shady, and looking
for a quickie way to “whomp on” little old ladies
and push around anyone you choose, regardless
of their size…

…then look somewhere else. We don’t want these kinds of people learning the Secrets of the Telepathic Dream Invader™ either.

And I did retire right after that class. And only the attendees of that event were allowed access to those “secret behind locked doors” psychic teachings.

Now I am NOT the Psychic Police.
NOR do I care to even go there.

And I know that what you sow you reap. What you give out psychically, emotionally, and energetically does come back on you and me.

So neither you or I need a Psychic Policeman.

Most of us, with the exception of the criminally insane, already have that type of “mind regulator” built into our subconscious minds so you don’t need me or anyone else directing your karma.

What it comes down to is that the Universe is honest. It gives back, measure for measure, what YOU put into it.

So when I use the Telepathic Psychic Dream Invader™ I make sure that I give more than I get.
This is because one of the Laws of the Universe is, “there is NO free lunch”.

Just because you know and use psychic skills like the Telepathic Dream Invader does not mean that you are a thief, or a rapist, or a con man. All men and women dream about what they want. And when they dream correctly about what they want, they will get what they want.

The hard part is knowing “how to do that Dream Work so it is Street Effective”!

So that it works for you at least 80% of the time.

And it’s my job to teach you those skills.

Let me give you a few examples of how I’ve used them.

When I use those psychic influence tactics on my clients (whether being with them in their presence or doing remote influence) I first make sure they want what I have to offer.

If they come in for Energy Work, I make sure that I have the skills to influence their energies in such a way that they get the healing results they want.

A Paid Trip to the Bahamas for 12 Days For My Family and I!

If I want to go to the Bahamas, and I psychically broadcast that out into the Zero Point Energy Field, I make damn sure I can deliver the seminar the guy calls me up to do.

And that’s what happened.

Speed Seduction founder Ross Jefferies wanted a World Class Psychic skills trainer to go to the Bahamas and teach his guys how to psychically influence beautiful ladies, he called me up and hired me.

What he didn’t know is that 24 hours before he called me, I’d psychically broadcast out into the “field” what I wanted.

And I worked with him for 5 years, being named the most outstanding trainer several of the years running. And his people also came and trained with me for 3 years at my own events.

When I decided I wanted to become an NLP trainer under the Grand Master of NLP, I first figured out what I needed to do. Then I broadcast that event happening. Then situations aligned themselves in such a way that within 9 months I had acquired my goal. I’d also used Dream Time Intuition™ to get a viable plan to follow so I would deserve that credential.

My point being, every day in one way or another I use my psychic awareness to help myself go in the direction I choose to go with my health, wealth, education, and happiness. I plan my life, and then with my psychic skills I work my plan.

And, I teach others how to use those Advanced Psychic Energies in their daily lives also.

Use Psychic Energies to Win at Roulette!

Just imagine that you are in the Bahamas and you are at the roulette table throwing dice. Imagine your “mind-control” friends laser beaming “special thoughts” into YOUR energy field and you have a “hot” night. In fact the night was so “hot” that you converted $300 bucks into more than $12,000 bucks in 2 hours! (This did happen!)

And so can you. Again, my job is to show you how to do that.

Let me tell you about a handful of successes of a few of the attendees at that “Kahuna Telepathic Dream Invader Psychic Skills Training™” class:

From Broke to Wealthy!

One man/wife team (John and Beth) went out and started buying run down houses and fixing them up and reselling them. They went from being a slave to others and making a measly $19,000 a year to $287,000 in just one year. That was 3 years ago. The other day I was talking with John and he mentioned they’d made over 1.5 millions dollars so far.

From Bankrupt to $187,000!

Vincent borrowed money on his credit card to go to that Kahuna Telepathic Dream Invader™ seminar. He was totally broke and was seriously thinking about bankruptcy. In the first year after the seminar he made $187,000.

Even More Fame and Fortune!

And that Speed Seduction fellow? He went on to devise his own psychic trainings along with his Speed Seduction trainings and got even more famous.

He Escaped From the Rat Race!

James was very angry with his job. He felt he was a slave to his corporation. He also did not like to lie to his customers, a task that was demanded by his bosses. He now has 3 books out, runs his own Inner Circle, and is on his way to financial freedom.

He found the Women To Spend His Life With!

Poor Frank could not get a date. He’d been married and had and ugly divorce. I taught him what to do with his Telepathic Dream Invader™, and within a week he was dating the lady of choice. Within 3 weeks he was dating 3 different ladies each week. After 6 months he decided to settle down, and within 30 days had found the lady he wanted to live his life with.

Enough of those stories. They will not mean much to you until you can experience your own stories, successes with your own reality.

Once you can weaken someone else, in a simple but effective way, and verify that, then you will believe.

Once you can strengthen someone else, in a simple and effective way, and verify that strengthening, then you will believe.

Just as someone can use the Telepathic Dream Invader™ to positively affect health and healing, it is also absolutely possible to use Psychic Skills for negative and destructive means.


I’ll bet you are thinking, “What is this going to cost me?” And, in just a minute I’ll tell you. But first I want to tell you what the attendees paid.

The seminar was a great seminar.
The DARK SIDE of PSYCHIC SKILLS TRAINING™ is now available for a limited time.

That means exactly what it says. I am a bit torn about the release of this Advanced Psychic Skills DVD set. I am only prepared for a limited release at this time.

So here’s the deal.

I just reviewed those “archived” DVD’s of that 3 day event and I was amazed at the high level of Psychic Skills taught, and the Telepathic Dream Invader™ technologies.

And good people were at that event, The Telepathic Dream Invader™.

Those who came to the event came from all over the world. They came from places like Denmark, from Australia, from Israel, From London, from Mexico, from Canada, from Hawaii and the United States. A very high level of student.

Their plane fare averaged $1,500 each.

The seminar was $3,000 for non-inner circle members.

They had room and board. Car rental. (about $1,500.00)

So 30 clients paid $5,000 to $7,000 to attend The
Telepathic Dream Invader Event.

But that is NOT your price.

Your price is ONLY... $1,997.

But wait a minute. Don’t buy it yet...

It’s VERY Easy to cause serious harm
with these psychic skills and Telepathic Dream Invader™ tactics.

Let me tell you what this course is NOT.

This course is NOT about how to do black magic and summon the dead to do evil deeds for you. The focus on these DVD’s is about the positive aspects of achieving what you want with the use of the different methods (there are 27 methods taught during those 3 days) of the Telepathic Dream Invader™.

These DVD’s are NOT the typical type of goodie, goodie ESP huggy feely event. From these DVD’s you will learn the fastest and best ways to connect with your energies, so you can connect successfully with their energies. You will learn how to unify your minds together to connect with their unconscious mind in such a way that they will want to do what you want them to do.

And to learn these skills it does NOT matter if you have had any psychic “hits” in the past or not.

It doesn’t matter if you have already trained in meditation or hypnosis.

In fact it might be much easier if you come in with a “beginner’s mind” instead of a mind cluttered with other “stuff”.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a gal, or young or old. With this training, and paying attention to the drills, anyone of average abilities that will roll up his sleeves and do the drills will get the skills.

And it doesn’t even matter if you think that the Telepathic Dream Invader™ will not work.

Nope. The only thing that matters is your desire to start noticing when others are using unconscious psychic influence tactics on you.

Because once you notice what they are doing, then it is very easy to notice what you can do that is even better! That means that you will have an Unfair Psychic Advantage in any type of psychic altercation, and they do go on all the time.

So, another WARNING!

Do not tell others about learning these skills. You will be consider “evil”. So fly under the radar. Do what you do, and keep it to yourself.

Okay? Do you get it? It’s Just a friendly warning, in advance.

So the complete Telepathic Dream Invader™ is only $1,997…instead of the price of $5,000 to $7,000 that the attendees paid.

And this is the first time I’ve put that event’s DVD’s on the market.

These Psychic Secrets are considered the DARK SIDE of PSYCHIC INFLUENCE, and not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask about them, begging us to release them.

So for a limited time, I will release them just so you CAN PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE DARK SIDE OF PSYCHIC INFLUENCE.

And then so you can live your life the way you want to, and have earned.

Psychic Skills are a “learned and earned” skill, and there is “no free lunch” in achieving these abilities.

What is amazing is that all of those neat people were sitting on the edge of their chairs all the way through the Telepathic Dream Invader™ intensive.

You can be like those people.

You can install these skills into your life almost overnight. Just watch these astonishing DVD’s…and then the first night you will be able to use the Telepathic Dream Invader™. And the more you use it, the better you get at it. It’s as simple as that.

The Telepathic Dream Invader technologies™ are powerful stuff and are extremely advanced. But the world has not had these skills for too long for me to hold them any longer. People have unconsciously used variations of this type of training for vicious stuff.

You will immediately notice that vicious stuff, and will be able to deflect in and install what you want instead without them knowing a thing.

And hopefully you will not become power hungry and start using those Advanced Psychic Skills of the Telepathic Dream Invader™ in a way that is not fruitful and will cause you negative karma and consequences.

I think that a good defense is a good offense. Some people agree with me. Other people disagree with me. Those are just different personality types. Whatever you choose to do you must take full responsibility for it.

When I taught these skills in class most people were very excited. They could not believe that I was putting such power into their hands.

One lady, Lillie, was so excited that in the next week after the event she used Covert Psychic Land Minds to earn an extra $60,000 bucks in one week.

But that same tactic is considered the dark side by others, in the same field that use similar tactics but call them something else.

You do have the ability to learn how to use these Telepathic Dream Invader™ tactics for your good.

So, here’s What I Want You To Do Next, Simply Click This Add To cart button below and I will rush this Huge Box Right To Your Door Step.


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Your Friend,

Dr. John La Tourrette
Founder, The Kahuna ESP Mind Trainings™
The DARK SIDE of Psychic Skills Training™
The Kahuna Telepathic Dream Invader™

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